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 Klara Lilja is one way to be a woman and an artist, and it seems essential to see her life as the mould or pattern which creates the form and engenders the structures of life. Events in her life are not the example, but the abstraction - as with her behelits, starsuns, flowers, bodiless limbs- and bones - the constant array of unseen patterns. What first seems like abstract biomorphic forms reveals, when more carefully examined, an organic genesis of imaginative beings, flora, and fauna. Rendered in mesmerizing glazes, developed by the artist herself, the colors on the sculptures seem to blossom; from the glaze, or are they radiating from inside of them? That remains open. "The events that left their mark on me happened in days gone by, in my head", Klara Lilja quotes one of her Symbolist heroes, the French painter Odilon Redon (1840-1916). Klara Lilja bestows her figures with an aura, and refers to the concealed inner world of the viewer. To bring out the magic in them, Klara Lilja gives each of her new-found species a proper name.

Klara Lilja lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2021. Her Instagram is a popular visual gallery where she engages with her 16K+ followers with humour and endless digressions about almost everything, while keeping her face anonymous.

 All artworks are exclusively designed for If Walls Could Talk and printed on quality paper from Hahnemühle Studio Enhanced 210 g/m².

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