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Delicate Resilience

Ruth Gallagher

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“Flower series in pen” is a study of the traditional idea of flowers being delicate products of nature. Admired for their beauty and fragrance, their resilience and endurance are often overlooked. Floral species such as the orchid may appear fragile, but when knocked over, they bounce back, righting themselves. In testing times, we should follow the flowers’ lead. Grow through the soil and continue to bloom.

The result of this floral study is bold and graphic taking inspiration from vintage linocut prints. The pen was chosen as the medium for this series because of its permanent and deliberate mark-making, reflecting the power and confidence of nature’s growth. The color palette, in contrast, is light and full of hope. In partnership, the style and the palette bridge the strength and softness of flowers. If walls could talk, they would beg for more contrasts and colors.

All artworks are exclusively designed for If Walls Could Talk and printed on quality paper from Hahnemühle Studio Enhanced 210 g/m².

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Ruth Gallagher Designs is a creative studio working with textiles, print, and illustration - based in Copenhagen with roots in London and Dublin. Ruth Gallagher, the founder, has spent over a decade in luxury and contemporary fashion brands, including Alexander McQueen, Erdem, Stine Goya, and Baum und Pferdgarten.

The studio designs for a variety of creative fields, including fashion, homeware, and illustration commissions. Ruth Gallagher Designs is passionate about creating work founded on detailed research and imaginative concept building with the client’s brand identity at the forefront.

Ruth personally believes in being in a continual state of learning, staying creative, curious, and driven. Her heart lies in creating work that initially catches attention but unveils new details and layers with each viewing experience.


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