If Walls Could Talk

They would be jealous of

Michael dansk'S WALLS

We had the honor of visiting, Creative Consultant, Michael Dansk in his expressive, colorful apartment - and we we're blown away. If the walls of Michael Dansk's apartment could talk, they would brag about how unique they are to all the other walls in town.  

Green lake

by Studio Aarhus

Green bright

by If Walls Could Talk

Michael has with great understanding of colors, shapes and objects' inherent layers of meaning transformed his apartment in Nørrebro, Copenhagen into a bit of a conceptual art collection, where all senses are activated and where each room tells its own story. 


Blue skies blue flowers

by Nina Flagstad Kvorning

harlekin blue frame

by Nina Flagstad Kvorning


by Simone Köcher

oak frame

by If Walls Could Talk

The artworks from If Walls Could Talk comes to life in the setting of Michael Dansk's apartment. The unique design elements compliment the artworks and make us all want to renew the walls of our home.

Consciensism no. 02

by File Under Pop

Oak Frame

by If Walls Could Talk

We believe that if walls could talk, they would ask for more art. They would beg for more ways to show your personal story and style. 

That is why we have made it our mission to handpick what we believe is the most talented designers, artists, photographers, and illustrators, and in collaboration with they create high quality artworks for your home.