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About Us and our Walls.


We believe that if walls could talk, they would ask for more artwork. They would beg for more ways to show your personal story and style. More Dots, squares, neon, pastels and shapes, more futurism, impressionism, minimalism, and … well, you get the picture. And we must admit: We do take walls very seriously!

We agree with your walls. We are all about mixing your favorite colors and shapes and decorating your home with inspiring artworks that stand out. That is what we genuinely believe makes your home personal. So you can tell your walls that we heard their prayers – no more need for asking and begging.

We have made it our mission to handpick what we believe is the most talented upcoming and established designers, artists, photographers, and illustrators. In collaboration with them, we make high-quality artworks for you and your demanding walls. But wait! One more (very important) thing.

If walls could talk, they would say that home is where the heart is. Therefore our dream and hope are to build more walls and homes for people who do not have a home to live in. We will donate a part of the profit to a project that builds walls and homes around the world for people with fewer privileges.

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